We have a diversified portfolio

Due to confidentiality only a limited selection of projects can be showed.

Because you have the right to know who's in charge Alliander/ELaad (2017)

With the growing influence that hidden algorithms have over our daily lives, Alliander and Elaad predict the need for transparency in electric charging. Through a process of ideation sessions and multiple iterations of prototyping, we designed a new visual language that makes the charging algorithm transparent to the end-user. Based on this language we've designed and constructed a demonstration model of such a charging station, allowing users to experience first hand how electric charging might be done in the future.

Experience the full potential of the LEGO brick. LEGO House (2014 - 2017)

The LEGO House is a place where you can experience everything about the LEGO brick. We have created concepts for experiences about stop motion animation, robotics and building a city that comes to live, to name a few.

We tested these experiences through many prototyping iterations. Once the experience, the design direction and the technology were validated, other parties developed the concepts towards what can be experienced in the House now.

What is the future of the wood craftsman? Festool/Werkstatt4 (2015 - 2017)

The woodworking industry is changing through digitalization and globalization. Together with Festool - manufacturer of quality woodworking tools - we examined how we can support wood craftsmen in radically different ways.

After extensive research with craftsmen, pioneers and experts in 4 different countries we ended up with 8 strategic opportunities for Festool. For two of these opportunities concepts have been developed, which are planned to be launched as a startup in the coming year.

View Source - gearing up for Shenzhen The Incredible Machine (2016 - 2017)

Shenzhen (China) is known for being the area where over 90% of electronics like smartphones are manufactured and assembled. It boasts a vibrant maker scene and an informal open innovation culture. Combined with readily available resources, capital and manufacturing capacity, Shenzhen seems to be the perfect place for makers to turn their ideas into reality. And would that also work for responsible connected products?

Fairbike: an alternative business model for bike sharing Fairbike (2016 - 2017)

We need a paradigm shift in our understanding of the sharing economy. What was once celebrated as the platform economy that opened up business opportunities to small scale entrepreneurs and individuals, has turned into unaccountable brokerage that disrupts societies.

We designed an alternative to the latest wave of bike renting schemes that follows in its footsteps.