The LEGO House

Can you experience absolutely everything that is possible with the LEGO brick in a single day? At the LEGO House you will get hands-on experience with the many ways you can create with LEGO. We created different concepts that make it possible to have LEGO experiences you can't have at home. We applied technology in a way that facilitates this, but that is not in the way of what it is all about: getting your hands on the bricks.

To make sure that all these new experiences can live up to the standard of LEGO when it comes to the quality of the design and experience, we had to do rigorous, iterative testing. We developed a sprint format where we designed the concepts, built prototypes to test the most critical assumptions and had a test with kids, all in a single month. The insights from the last test would feed into the concept design and would set new critical assumptions to test in the next sprint. We had a no less than 24 iterations to validate 5 different experience concepts and the overall digital experience that ties your whole day at the House together. The power of iterative testing was very clear in this project, the end result shows it.

The concepts were validated to a point where all the critical requirements for the experience design, the physical design and the technology were known. The actual development of the finished experiences was done by other parties, based on our design brief and specifications. By having tested the experiences to the level that we had, there was strong confidence to make the investment in the building of the furniture, the technology setups, the interfaces and the LEGO models. In the many years we have worked on this project we were able to further hone our process of concept validation. By working in short sprints with high expectations of the results, we have developed an eye for what is really important. We focus on the most critical assumptions and develop prototypes to only answer those assumptions and nothing more. We have fallen in love with this lean approach and we will always look for the same focus in everything we do.

LEGO House (2014 - 2017)