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For questions regarding new business please contact us and we'll respond within 3 working days.

Marcel Schouwenaar
New business & creative director
+31 (0)6 4271 0863

Harm van Beek
Strategy & managing director
+31 (0)6 1694 3427

...or join for lunch.

We're located in the Voorhaven 57 building;
a creative hub in the historic Delfshaven area.

The Incredible Machine
Voorhaven 57
3025HD, Rotterdam
the Netherlands


If you are looking for a speaker on the opportunities and implications (ethics) of emerging technologies, or a related topic, feel free to reach out. Note: we love sharing our expertise, but we can't do talks for free or for the exposure alone.


We enjoy having interns join our team. They are expected to work as a full member of the team. This mean that they need to be versatile in design, prototyping, critical thinking and a lot more. Send us an email if you are up for the challenge.


We are always looking to expand our rolodex with potential collaborators. If you are a freelance designer, researcher, maker, inventor, or developer: let's have lunch and get to know each other.