Passionate, focussed, skilled.

There is no smaller unit to call a team, but we make up for size with passion and skill.


Harm van Beek

Managing director

Marcel Schouwenaar

Creative director
New business

While we both hold degrees in industrial design, our expertise is broad. We worked at agencies, corporates and startups in the roles of creative, researcher, engineer or consultant. What unites us has less to do with a knack for technology, but is better defined by a shared drive to contribute to progress. We think technology holds the potential to transform our society to become more inclusive and just. The first step is to start making responsible products and services, leveraging the possiblities of emerging technologies with respect to users and society. A daunting task, but not impossible.

Marcel presenting the IoT Design Manifesto @ Next '16 Hamburg

In 2015 we've co-authored the IoT Design Manifesto outlining 10 principles for the responsible design and development of Internet of Things applications. We are applying these principles whenever we are confronted with dilemmas in our design process. We have actively contributed to the discourse around responsible technology by organizing the Amsterdam chapter of ThingsCon, making a documentary about responsible IoT, and giving talks and workshops as part of the Just Things Foundation.